Over the last seven years, the Panigma Steel Band has become one of the hottest steel bands in the Northeast. Comprised of professional musicians and educators from Binghamton, NY, Panigma performs high-energy shows with plenty of audience participation that keeps listeners engaged throughout the entire performance. The key to the success of Panigma is their ability to take traditional and popular songs, put a Caribbean twist on them, and mold them into music that is guaranteed to make people dance and have a great time.

Since 2002, Panigma has been performing for a variety of audiences and venues. Whether it be colleges, weddings, corporate events, high schools, clubs, or private parties, Panigma tailors each show to the venue and audience. The band has the ability to perform with up to a 10-piece steel band, and with over four hours of material, Panigma is one of the most versatile and sought-after steel bands available.

Panigma also has extensive experience in conducting educational clinics about Caribbean and Latin music that are reinforced by their live performance. These clinics are perfect for college and high school multi-cultural programming.